​​​Beginning Competition And Training Clinic
(Please Download and Fill out sign up forms at the bottom of this page)
This is a beginning level class focused on learning the details of competition.  In competitive swimming learning to dive is an important part of a swimmers race.  A proper starting dive will give each swimmer the advantage they need to improve their overall performance and time.  I am offering this class at the Tualatin pool to work specifically on your swimmers starting dives.  This will also be a swim workout.  The class will be broken down into three fifteen minute segments.  For the first segment we will start with a warm-up which will consist of a swim, stretch, and deck exercise time.  For the second segment we will learn and practice kneeling and standing dives from the side of the pool.  For the last fifteen minutes we will move behind the blocks and learn and practice our dives from the blocks.  For swimmers that are new to start dives it sometimes takes a bit of time to become comfortable with entering the water head first.  I will allow them to continue practicing from the side of the pool until they are comfortable enough to try the elevated dive position.  As your swimmers become more proficient with their dives we will add entry and surfacing technique that will help your swimmers take seconds off their time in a race.  For those who wish to participate I will be offering swim meets through Oregon Swimming and the Penguins swim team.  The dates and fees for all of these classes are below.  The time for this class will be 4:15-5:00 PM.  This will be a 45 minute class Please arrive on deck 15 minutes prior to the start of the class, sign your swimmer in and pay any class fees due on deck with Keith.

Advanced Competition and Training Clinics

This is an intermediate to advanced class designed to focus on your swimmers time improvement for each of their events.  If you are not swimming at club sport then talk to me (Keith Rountree) about what program your swimmer is in and I will let you know which class is appropriate.  Your swimmer must be able to demonstrate a basic head first dive from the blocks without hesitation or fear.  This class will be broken into 3 x 30 minute segments.  The first 30 minutes will be warm-up swim, deck exercises and stretches.  The second 30 minutes will be focused on practicing their starting dives and improving technique.  The last 30 minute segment of the class will be timed races.  I will be watching for areas in their start and race where they may be able to make improvement and reduce time.  I will give them feedback on what I see as well as let them know what their time is and if there was improvement.  All of the dates for the classes are below along with the fee structure.  The time for this class will be 4:45-6:15PM.   Please arrive on deck by 4:35pm, sign your swimmer in with me (Coach Keith) and pay any class fees due.

Class Fees Fall 2018

Ask Keith which class is right for your swimmer.  Advanced swimmers must do advanced class. Purchased classes must be used within the dates listed below.

  • $120 Beginning class at 4:15PM 9 class package  10% sibling discount.
  • $15 Price for one time drop in for beginner class. No Sibling discount.
  • $145 Advanced Class 9 class package. 10% sibling discount.
  • $18 Price for one time drop in for advanced class.  NO Sibling discount.
  • ​$70 To Oregon Swimming for USA Swimming Registration (Annual Fee)
  • ​$30 Penguins Swim Team  Allows us to be registered with a USA Team and use the Team Unify Database (Quarterly Fee)
  • Swim Meet fees: Each swim meet will have its own additional fees.  The fees are to pay for our entries and to pay coaches for their time at the meets.

More information

I would recommend downloading 3 different apps for your mobile device
Meet Mobile This app allows you to follow along and see results at a swim meet.
On Deck  This app is basically a mobile version of your Team Unify account.  You will be able to see all of Isabella's swimming records as well as sign up for meets.
Deck Pass  This allows you to track your swimmer's progress through USA swimming.  There are some great features to look through that can be positive motivators.  Such as team and personal rankings.

FALL 2018 Dive Clinics Dates

​These classes will be held at the Tualatin Swim Center.

September 15, 22, 29

October  6, 27

November  3, 17

December  1, 22

​Sign up Forms: Bring your forms to the first dive clinic at the Tualatin Swim Center.